Weddings by Krista

At Krista Photography, we believe life is beautiful, just the way it is


Krista Guenin - principal photographer. boss lady. lead singer.

I've been working as a photographer full-time since 2002. I'm an Aunt to three crazy kiddos who call me Green Kiki, the sister to one awesome woman & her husband, daughter to two great parents. I'm a boss (yikes!) to some fabulous ladies. I am devoted to Mac, Nikon, Coca-Cola, Starbucks' chai tea lattes, and Jesus - these are the tribes that matter. I am NOT a Cat Lady, but I love my cat. Her name is Harriett and she's amazing. I talk kind of a lot, sorrrry. I'd rather eat chicken fingers at your wedding than filet mignon. I'd rather be in Africa right now. I'd rather do anything else in the world than exercise. I cannot spell words like excercise, and restaraunt, and sometimes even Krisat. I love karaoke, and singing on our church's worship team, and in the shower/car/office/walking down the street. I love problem solving, and trying to understand people - who are both beautiful and totally crazy, all of them. The way I see it, my purpose in life is to empower other women, shine a light on the truth, and praise God in all I do.



CoCo Boardman - associate photographer. henry's mama. cactus genius.

My real name is Caroline, but just call me CoCo, you may or may not have a dog named the same. I shoot weddings because I love people: goofy, silly, awkward, emotional, crazy, fun, beautiful people. I think you are beautiful both in spite of and because of your flaws. You love yourself, but mostly you love the people around you. You may go slightly crazy planning your wedding but eventually, you will let it all go and just dance. I will join you, I will also be crying and singing along, so don't look too close.

I like fat cats, dogs that think they're people, drinking too much coffee, perfecting my british accent, dressing up, and watching really bad tv when my husband's not home.  I am a graduate of the acclaimed Rochester Institute of Technology, as well as my brother-in-law and husband. Nerds, what can I say.  Let's be friends.