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Our Approach to Wedding Photography

While we love fancy weddings in gorgeous locations, with incredible details and beautiful people – we know that’s not what makes a wedding wonderful. The guests, your friends & family, your relationships with them, the joy you’re going to feel celebrating, your love for one another, the FUN you will have – that’s what makes a wedding something wonderful to remember (and to photograph)!

We are looking for couples who feel the same. Couples who aren’t going to be afraid to cry on their wedding day, who want to enjoy the day to the max, and who recognize that the wedding is just the BEGINNING of something awesome. We want to work with people who want us to capture the day so you can remember it all 50 years from now – reliving every moment and feeling it all over again!


Wedding FAQs

Do you know what you're doing? Can we trust you?

Great question! Trust is seriously one of the most important factors in choosing a wedding photographer. I mean, skill and experience and consistency are critical - but if you have all that, but don't have trust, it won't matter. When you trust your photographer, and better yet connect with your photographer - the whole experience is so much better. You'll be more relaxed on your wedding day, and we'll get better photos because you'll be concerning yourself with having a good time, not making sure we're doing our job! 

To that end... I've been shooting documentary-style weddings since 2002 when I was first trained by Steven E Gross, in Chicago. I started out shooting all black & white film and over the years transitioned to digital - so I understand the craft on a lot of different levels. I've photographed weddings all over the world, in just about every kind of venue, and with so many wonderfully different cultural traditions.

CoCo came along at the end of 2010 after she graduated from RIT with a degree in Photojournalism, and having actually interned at the same Chicago studio right after I moved to Boston! When she moved here she started working for me as an intern & photo assistant, but she quickly became one of my favorite second shooters. Then it became clear that she was totally capable of shooting weddings on her own - and so she became an Associate Photographer in 2013 and she's been documenting weddings gorgeously ever since.

So, we have a LOT of experience! We’ve shot hundreds of weddings and probably millions of photos over the years. We are consistently pushing ourselves to improve and learn every chance we get. We are committed to doing our best at every wedding, and to providing you with photos that you will LOVE!

One of the ways we like to build trust with our couples is to get to know each other as much as we can! So before you book us to document your wedding, we'd love to chat or meet up or Zoom or whatever! We just want to hear all about your plans so far, the things you're super excited about, how you two met and what makes you, YOU! Over the course of working together, we'll do our best to communicate, communicate, communicate! Before the wedding, we'll connect again to go over the plan for the day. We want to make sure we know what you want (like what you REALLY want but maybe can’t articulate) and that you know what to expect - and we want to work together all along the way to make your experience the best it can be!

And if you REALLY want to make sure you can trust us, we HIGHLY recommend scheduling an Engagement Session so we can have a little experience working together, building that trust. Like, for real. You won't regret it!

What is an "Associate"?  Who is this CoCo person?

An Associate Photographer is a fully qualified, totally talented person who loves to photograph weddings, but doesn’t really want to own & run their own business. Running a photography business involves a LOT of different pieces – photography (obvi), but also editing, marketing, client communication, accounting, project management, social media,  dealing with contracts, IT management, problem-solving, creating systems, staying organized, networking, blah blah blah. It’s A LOT – and not everyone wants to throw their entire lives into becoming an entrepreneur and working on building a business as well as practicing their craft. I’ve had a business for so long that I’ve got a lot of this stuff figured out – but there are also pieces I don’t want to do (color correction, anyone?), so over time I created a little team. And as long as we had a team helping out on the back-end, why not help some other photographers (or CoCo at least) get to shoot weddings without having to deal with the rest of it! So, after some training & quality assurance… Associate Photographers get to shoot weddings for Krista & Co, meet or at least chat with clients before they book, and we handle all the rest!

Unfortunately, CoCo moved to upstate New York, and she has since transitioned out of her role as an Associate Photographer here – and she is MISSED, believe me! Thankfully, CoCo comes back to the area a bunch – so we still get to work together a few times a year! If you want to make sure CoCo can shoot your wedding along with me, our IDEAL Wedding Coverage can include both of us (the Dream Team, if you will)! Woohoo! So for now, there are no Associate Photographers on staff… but who knows what incredible new photographers will come along next!

How much is this going to cost me?  And what am I gonna get?

I knew you were going to ask that! 
  • Our Essential Wedding Coverage includes 8 hours of coverage by Krista & a Second Photographer  and starts at $6200.
  • Our Ideal Wedding Coverage includes both Krista & CoCo for up to 10 hours, as well as an engagement session and an album credit - this begins at $10,200.
  • Intimate Wedding Coverage (for events with 60 or fewer guests) begins at $650/hour (minimum 2 hours).

All wedding coverage includes Image Selection, Color Correction, Online Proofing & Full Resolution Images with a Rights Release.  Engagement Sessions, Additional hours, Rehearsal Dinner Coverage, Albums, Canvases, etc. can all be added to your package either when you book, or after. We’re happy to customize a package to suit your unique event, just let us know what you need! Most of our couples end up spending $7000-$12,000.

Are you available on my date?

Well, I’m not sure… I’m gonna need some more information!  We’d love to put our calendar up on the site for you, but things are always in flux and we don’t want to mislead you.  PLUS, if we’re not available, we would LOVE to recommend some of the AWESOME photographers we know in the area! Click on the CONTACT button above and let's start the conversation!


My Approach to Documenting Families

While I love family portraits where everyone is dressed all nice and looks happily at the camera, I don’t really think that’s what you’ll reminisce about with your family 20 years from now. What you’re going to remember so fondly is how Caeden couldn’t go anywhere without his “Softy” for the first 5 years of his life, how Reilly used to play with your pinky finger obsessively, how Tristan would direct his siblings through every activity.  You’ll remember summers on the Cape, and splashing in the tub at night before bedtime, and playing for hours on end in the backyard. You’ll remember those little things that make your family special, that make each one who they are and will eventually become.

So, my goal is to document who your family is at this moment in time – what you’re like together, what you love about one another, all the craziness, all the joy, and all the LOVE! And when we get down to it, I hope to have the chance to do this for you again and again over the years – documenting not just one moment in time, but the way your family grows and changes as the years pass – for me, that’s an incredibly beautiful & important story to tell! We tell this story through Documentary Family Sessions - including Day-in-the-Life Sessions, Vacation Sessions & Year-in-the-Life Sessions. More details below...


Families FAQs

What kind of Family Sessions do you offer?


My primary focus is Documentary Family Sessions.  Documentary Sessions are super relaxed times for me to capture your real life as it's happening. These are billed by the hour or by the day so we can spend plenty of time together and get to the sweet spot where everyone is able to relax and really be themselves.

  • Day-in-the-Life Sessions start at $700 with 2 hours of coverage.
  • Vacation Sessions begin at $2500/day and include a hard-cover Photo Book. (travel not included)
  • Year-in-the-Life Experiences begin at $4100 and include a hard-cover Photo Book.


Do you offer anything a little, um, smaller?


Let's be real. Sometimes, all you want is one great photo of everyone together. Or maybe you just really prefer those photos where everyone looks at the camera and smiles. Or perhaps you just want to update your frames since your last documentary session (or since your wedding).  I get it!

Our Family Portrait Sessions & Mini-Sessions tend to be slightly more focused on capturing a portrait of the combination of people included, while still giving you a little space to play and keep it fun.

  • On-Location Portrait Sessions begin at $375 for 30 Minutes, or $575
  • Portrait Mini-Sessions are only available at our Mini Session events and start at $175 for 15 minutes
  • Our Year-in-the-Life Family Portrait Package starts at $1800


When's your next Mini Session event?!


Mini Session Events are usually held once in the Spring and then again in the Fall - and sometimes I throw in a Summer Minis Event if I have room in my schedule. To see if there is a Mini Session event currently scheduled, check out our NEWS section or sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date on all the fun events going on around Krista Photography!


Documentary Photography for Non-Profits

You do great work, and you’ve got a story to tell. Powerful images will take your story further, and I’d love to help you get there! I’ve worked for a number of non-profits in the States, Haiti, Zimbabwe & Sri Lanka - creating images that shared their work with the world. I also did the still photography for a documentary film about human trafficking n Nepal, which was a powerful and life-changing experience. It’s a precious thing to be invited into someone’s story, and I take the responsibility of documenting it and your work very seriously. This is the work that most stirs my soul, and I would love to chat more about how I can help your organization!